A platform for sustainable action and business impact.

ecolytiq embeds climate engagement into banking experiences. Channel customer demand for climate action into positive impact for both the environment and business growth.

Designed with behavioral science and
an open standard.

ecolytiq applies behavioral science principles to effectively turn demand for climate action into meaningful impact, underpinned by a fully open standard methodology.

Embed a full-funnel climate engagement journey directly
in your banking app.

One platform to drive measurable climate action with three modules
using core behavioral science principles.

Establish an immersive sustainability hub within your banking experience, helping customers understand the climate impact of each transaction.

Engage your customers with personalized climate insights and educational content directly in your banking, encouraging positive sustainable action.

The ecolytiq experience comes full circle with ecoAction.

Empower customers to take direct climate action within their banking experience, promoting behavior change, green investments, and support for sustainable projects via a climate initiatives marketplace.

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1. What is ecolytiq?
ecolytiq is an embedded climate engagement and action platform that enables financial institutions to offer real-time sustainability insights and build a custom experience for their customers - delivering on customer demand for climate action while increasing share of wallet. The ecolytiq platform employs modern behavioral science principles, backed by our unique open standard, to encourage measurable climate action directly in banking experiences across three modules – ecoAware, ecoEngage and ecoAction.
2. What is the ecoAware module?
The Awareness module enables financial institutions to calculate the estimated environmental impact of individual payment transactions by categorizing spending and providing personalized carbon footprint values  e.g. diet, energy provider, etc. This empowers customers with insights to understand the climate impact of each transaction.
3. What is ecoEngage?
The Engagement module provides personalized climate insights and educational content directly in banking apps, putting the estimated footprint from aware into context by comparing the CO2 footprint to other items or activities. This encourages sustainable habits and guides users through an impactful journey, from offsetting to reducing and preventing their carbon footprint.
4. What is ecoAction?
The ecolytiq experience comes full circle with the Action module empowering your customers to take action through climate positive behaviors and contribute to a more sustainable future. Offer them direct access to green loans, climate initiatives including UN Gold-certified projects, and much more that can help reduce their environmental impact.